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How to create users and assign security roles in Dynamics CRM Online

May 14th, 2014 | Posted by Peter Dijkema in CRM | Dynamics CRM Tips

Often customers ask us for help when they want to add a number of users to their Dynamics CRM Online subscription. Although it is a simple process you just need to know what the steps are.

That is why we have created this quick instruction on how to create Dynamics CRM Online users.

Step 1: Ensure you have spare Dynamics CRM licenses that you can assign to the users.

Check the number of available (unassigned) user subscription licenses.
This information is available through the Office 365 Admin Portal:

Log into the portal. Make sure you have administrator rights otherwise you will not be able to create users and/or assign licenses.

Click on “User and Groups”.

Office 365 Admin Portal

Select a user or create a new user.

User Management Office 365 Admin Portal

Create a new user if the user is not a current Office 365 user by clicking on the Plus sign as per screenshot above. Skip this step if the user is a current Office 365 users.

Office 365 Create User

Here you can fill in the name and username.

Office 365 Create New User

Select the user by clicking on the link.

Office 365 Select User

Tick Dynamics CRM Online to assign a license to an existing Office 365 user.

Office 365 Assign Dynamics CRM Online license

And hit “Save”.

Now this user has access to Dynamics CRM Online but can’t perform any action as no security role has been assigned to the user.

Log into Dynamics CRM Online by navigating to the three dots and clicking on CRM.

Log into Dynamics CRM Online

Navigate to Settings -> Administration

Dynamics CRM Settings

Select “Users”.

Dynamics CRM Administration

And select the user you need to assign a security role to.

Navigate to the three dots and “Manage Roles”

Dynamics CRM User Manage Roles

Select the roles you want to assign and press “OK”.

Dynamics CRM Assign User Roles

Now you have created a new user in Dynamics CRM Online and assigned the appropriate security roles.

Happy CRM-ming!

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