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Are you throwing your time and money down the drain with your CRM project?

March 1st, 2019 | Posted by Peter Dijkema in CRM

Most organisations that implement CRM as a project where the project has a deadline and a budget. Even though you naturally want to be able to control the budget and timelines in most cases a good CRM implementation never finishes, and you will keep changing and improving your CRM constantly.

Money down the drain with your CRM project

It’s like saying I have set up a company and then I’m going to lean back and do nothing. Business is evolving all the time and so should you CRM to adept to the latest changes in your business or your market, to take advantage of the latest enhancements in the software if they help your business be more effective and productive.

Organisations often take a phased approach when they are implementing CRM and start with one or two teams to focus on their priorities before rolling it out to subsequent teams.
What this does is helping you to get results quicker and minimise the upfront cost of CRM without distracting and taking people away from their normal job for a long period of time.

Are the quick wins drying up? What now?

Once the early wins have proven the benefits of CRM you can focus your attention to the next steps such as extending and improving the system. This will help CRM becoming more embedded in organisation’s culture and processes, and as teams and users become more proficient, new requirements will be identified to help deliver even more value.

With those new requirements also comes more pressure on CRM administrators as they will be stretched to get these new requirements implemented quickly. However often they are already stretched due to other demands on their time which will prevent them from actioning these requests and lead to delays.

If users need to wait too long before their request are applied, their engagement, buy-in and goodwill towards the CRM will wane and the whole investment in CRM will be at risk.

Organon’s Managed Services for Dynamics 365 (CRM)

As we recognise that CRM is never done we are launching the Organon Managed Service for Dynamics 365.

This service provides organisations with a number of Dynamics hours each month that are allocated for our consultants to implement user requests, apply customisations and configure new processes that extend the benefits of the system.

These hours can also be used to schedule training to develop user skills and help everyone to get more out of your investment.

Some of the benefits of use our Managed Service are:

  • Help with all Dynamics 365 (CRM) requirements
  • Flexibility to set priorities and make it fit the budget
  • Schedule tasks when required
  • It includes break/fix support
  • Can be used for any Dynamics 365 training we offer
  • Spread the investment evenly through monthly payments at a heavily reduced rate
  • Schedule regular consultancy at fixed times during the month
  • Phase your Dynamics implementation
  • Use it for ClickDimensions Marketing Execution Services to alleviate your marketing team
  • User request can be dealt with immediately as there is no additional approval required
  • Access to a Technical Account Manager
  • Accrued time won’t be lost

If you have implemented Dynamics 365 (CRM) and want to know more about how a managed service can help, please contact us to discuss how you can take advantage of the managed services from Organon Consulting.

As an introductory promotion we are offering the Dynamics 365 Managed Service at a reduced rate with a 12-month commitment:

Standard Dynamics 365 CRM Managed Services  for 8 hours per month

$1,197.00/month if paid monthly (normally $1,800)
$997.00/month if paid annually (normally $1,800)

If you are interested in our Managed Services and want to know more about click here.


Author: Peter Dijkema, Client Success Manager, Organon Consulting

A 20-year veteran in the business solutions industry with over 15 years of experience in customer relationship management, Peter Dijkema has worked in numerous sales and marketing roles with major and small technology companies in Europe and Australia. After getting disillusioned by the lack of commitment to the customer, lack of transparency and the absence of focus on delivering value Peter Dijkema co-founded Organon Consulting to help small and medium businesses to add more value to their customers, fix the ‘leaky funnel’ and increase revenue and Not-For-Profit organisation improve stakeholder relationships, increase constituent engagement and increase funding. Their main aim is to Keep It Simple for the customer to ensure they get maximum value out of their investments and minimise the time it takes to roll out CRM initiatives.
He also act as an adviser around CRM strategy decisions and sales management for small and medium sized organisations. 

Twitter: @pdijkema

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