Organon's Education solution focuses on the challenges faced by today’s primary and secondary schools by focusing on teacher recruiting and retention, student management, wellbeing/pastoral care management and alumni management.


Primary and secondary schools face increasingly leaner budgets, more rigorous reporting and testing standards and a push to be more focused on individual informational needs. By improving business operations, institutions gain the ability to provide effective student and resource management and effective learning experiences within the constrained budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 assist administrators in operating more effectively by providing up-to-date and easily accessible information, supporting security-enhanced access to data and integrating a variety of information and systems to comply with mandated guidelines. Timely information allows administrators to use all available funding for the proper intentions and allows administrators the ability to accurately forecast costs for future budgeting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete student-relationship management solution that provides the invaluable capability to attain a 360-degree view of a school and the necessary tools to create and maintain a clear picture of the information educators and administrators need, whether it be student management, student acquisition, student wellbeing/pastoral care, alumni management, or outreach and correspondence. Microsoft Dynamics 365 drives consistent and higher levels of efficiency with improved workflow tools that enable cross-departmental collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps enable schools to:

  • Provide information to staff, students and other key stakeholders
  • Actively manage student wellbeing/pastoral care
  • Support and monitor student wellbeing interactions and teacher performance against guidelines
  • Improve information flow between administrators and parents and regulatory agencies
  • Improve communication and collaboration between staff and administration
  • Streamline the management of student records


  • Increased expectations of parents, state education authorities, government agencies and students.
  • Outdated systems often do not support real-time or online information sharing
  • Enormous cost pressure due to budget cuts and reduced funding
  • The need to effectively use technology to enhance communications within school systems and external entities
  • The need to enhance the “real-life” learning experiences through curriculum and corresponding technology advancements
  • Create a better environment for the student in respect to student wellbeing and pastoral care
  • Manage the associated risks of privacy in regards to sensitive information, manage all related documentation centrally and reduce the risk of exposure relating unreported incidents.


  • Streamline the management of student records – attendance, curriculum, discipline, extracurricular activities, and more – and have the information at hand when responding to requests by parents, students, or other departments or institutions.
  • Ease recruiting and retention challenges using out-of-the-box capabilities for prospecting and recruiting qualified teachers.
  • Streamline business and approval processes for administrative departments.
  • Manage student learning activities and programs internally, and collaborate externally with other institutions.
  • Manage transportation, food services, and asset management cases across your entire district or campus(es). 


We follow the standard engagement process of a Discovery workshop to clearly understand your requirements, challenges and key stakeholders. We will conduct in-depth assessments of your current state and your dream scenario during interviews of key stakeholders and a review of existing systems. After conducting the Discovery Session we will deliver a report with findings and recommendations to help you create a business case for the Student wellbeing/pastoral care initiative. 

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