Dynamics 365 Donor Management, Membership Management, Volunteer Management and Marketing Automation

Maintaining and building relationships is one of the top priorities for not-for-profit organisations. It is very important to connect with key stakeholders, constituents and members at the right time and nurture relationships throughout the year to ensure the objectives of the organisation can be met.

Most organisations face challenges around building and maintaining relationships with constituents, stakeholders and members. It is important to have a good understanding of when and how often to connect with them and what information to provide to them. To do this effectively you need to understand what they are interested in and how they want this information to be presented to them (phone, face-to-face events, email, newsletters, etc).

The better you understand your members, constituents’ and stakeholders needs the better you help them by providing them with information and/or services they are interested in through their preferred means of communication.


Not-for-profit organisations need a complete view of their relationships, including who members, membership subscriptions, volunteers, donates and pledges as well as what organisations they are connected to and the services you provide to those individuals. This allows you to take a look at your member/constituent/stakeholder base and understand how they are connected with you and with other organisations so you can provide them the information and service effectively.

In addition, Not-For-Profits are looking for ways to improve their business processes, make them more efficient and more effective by automating these processes where possible. In today’s business environment everyone is trying to do more with less.

Unfortunately, many organisation struggle with collecting this information and if they do it often resides in segregated information silos such as spreadsheets, Access databases, Outlook or other systems. In many cases these systems are not effective or reliable and there is a lot of effort and time involved in producing the information that they require to communicate with their constituents/stakeholders and to make informed decisions. This is one of the reasons why organisations are looking for ways leverage software solutions to enhance and increase their relationships.

If it is difficult for your staff to access critical information it will make it hard for you to serve the needs of their constituents/stakeholders. So therefore, organisations are looking for technologies that can better help them manage these relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a relationship management system that can help you achieving the strategic goals of your Not-For-Profit by offering a holistic view of your relationships and campaigns as well as opportunities for operational improvements and cost savings.

Microsoft has also created a Not-For-Profit solution that provides a specific set of metrics which can be tailored toward the needs of your organisation.

Microsoft offers special charity pricing for qualifying charity organisations. Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is available for $32.60 per user per month (conditions apply).

Dynamics 365 Online Nonprofit Pricing*

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Plan 1 – $32.60 per user per month (regularly $130.40)

Dynamics 365 Team Member - $2.70 per user per month

To find out if you are eligible please check this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/nonprofits/eligibility 

To avoid re-inventing the wheel with every implementation and to speed up the implementation process Organon Consulting offers a customised Not-For-Profit add-on.

As we understand that most Not-For-Profit organisations struggle with their cash flow we offer flexible payment plans for the implementation services and on-going support.

Donor and Volunteer Management

Some of the functionality that is available through the Dynamics 365 Not-For-Profit solution is:

  • Donation and Pledge Management
  • Volunteer, Member and Constituent Management 

  • Campaign Management 

  • Case, Contract and Services Management 

  • Event Management 

  • Tailored Dashboards and Reports 

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