Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-on Solutions

Organon Consulting offers a number of solutions for Dynamics 365 to speed up the implementation process of new functionality. These solutions have been built in conjunction with our customers to provide them maximum benefit of their CRM solutions to create a loyal following (customers, stakeholders, donors, volunteers, etc.).

Australian Localisation solution

To speed up the implementation we offer all our customers (who have assigned us as their Partner of Record) a solution that is localised for Australia organisations free of charge.
A  common frustration is having to deal with ZIP codes, provence, county, etc.
To provide you with an Out-of-the-Box solution for this we have customised a solution that includes:

  • Address details reflect Australian postal addresses
  • Street Address and Postal Address including copying Street Address to Postal Address
  • ABN & ACN validation
  • ABN and ACN lookups against and
  • Allowing for automatic calculated GST percentage against quotes, orders and invoices

Course Management

Course Management will help training organisations manage their courses, participants, trainers, training partners, facilities and other resources easily in Dynamics 365.

Asset Management

Organisations often attempt to manage their assets with spreadsheets which can be done on a small scale but this quickly becomes unmanageable and people lose track of the assets or even worse lose the asset all together.

To make it easier to manage assets like AV equipment, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other assets in multiple locations Organon Consulting has developed an Asset Management solution that will enable organisations to track their assets better and make sure they never lose an asset again. You can scan assets with a bar code in and out of inventory or stock.

The solution also allows you to manage warranty and maintenance if required and links in to the Issue Management solution for Dynamics 365.

Issue Management

When your staff need to log an issue in many organisations they simple send an email to the person they think is responsible and often issue don’t get fixed leading to a lot of frustration or worse OH&S issues. Therefore we have developed a solutions which will help you streamline the process of logging an issue, identifying where the asset is located for the facilities staff and therefore creating a happier, better and safer place for your staff and visitors.

Student Wellbeing Management

Most schools see Student Wellbeing as fundamental to successful learning. Happy, confident students who are able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Therefore schools are looking for ways to ensure they can create a safer and more effective environment for their students.

Organon Consulting has developed a Student Wellbeing solution which helps schools manage their sensitive information around Student Wellbeing in a secure way to ensure that the right people are able to access this information and flags can be raised timely when a student is in need of support.

Counsellors and teachers can create meeting notes on mobile devices which are linked to students and access this information while responsible for the student.

So if you want to create a happier and safer environment for your student please contact us for a free consultation.

CRM2XERO Integration

If you are getting sick of double keying information such as invoices, companies and contact from Dynamics 365 into your XERO accounting system then our CRM2XERO integration will help you save time and avoid errors during manual double entry processes.

This solution is easy to set up and can be managed by your accounting team.


When your want to grow your business, you do not want disparate systems to hold you back.
Using disparate systems means that a lot of time will be spent of double keying of data in multiple systems and that real-time and accurate reporting becomes a challenge.
iManager will help you integrating Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with external systems.

iManager has been designed to make it easy for business users to set up integrations so you don't have to hire expensive consultants to set up the integrations.



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