Are you struggling to keep track of your customers, activities and opportunities?

A lot of small and medium organisations struggle to keep track of their relationships (customers/stakeholders/members/partners/etc), opportunities and activities with these contacts. As result of this they loose out on opportunities to increase customer loyalty, increase revenue or increase fundraising. Organon Consulting provides technology and business process consulting services to small and mid-sized organisations throughout Australia to help them take control of their customer, member, partner and stakeholder relationships by providing solutions that make it easy for their staff to manage these relationships. We specialise in small to medium sized deployments where customers really want to leverage CRM to transform their businesses.

We offer two different deployment options to meet your needs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online: For fast deployment with minimum investment without having to investment in hardware. Take advantage of our Kickstart solutions to get up-and-running instantaneously for a fraction of traditional CRM deployments costs. Dynamics 365 Online is available for $82.80 and even less for qualifying charity organisations who can apply for charity (nonprofit) pricing POA.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise: This is the traditional onsite server-based deployment for complex development with a complex integration and for organisations that want to host their data on their own servers.

Customer Relationship Management

We can help you evaluate, install, define and customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the traditional sense of CRM to track sales, marketing and customer service at your business.

Read what Forrester Research has to say about Dynamics 365. Click here to download the Forrester Wave Report for Sales Force Automation CY2017Q2.


We can also help you leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an XRM platform to replace existing business applications. The XRM platform enables you to rapidly develop new applications while getting the benefits of a packaged software application (including integration to other business systems through Webservices, Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the Right Platform for You

Proven to reduce development timelines and lower software development project costs, the Microsoft Dynamics 365/xRM framework accelerates the deployment of enterprise-class applications. Beyond the sales, marketing and business development functions found in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the xRM framework also helps organisations quickly address shifting business priorities by supporting the rapid development and delivery of industry specific custom business applications.

Solving the Custom Application Development Challenge

With a combination of pre-built, configurable functionality and a highly flexible, service-oriented architecture, Microsoft Dynamics 365/ xRM framework support multiple concurrent applications and enable quick modifications when industry needs or business needs change. The xRM framework is highly interoperable using standards-based Microsoft technologies such as the Microsoft Office system, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server and the Microsoft .NET framework. Industry specific Dynamics 365 advantages include:

  • Integrates well with enterprise systems.
  • Promotes consistent user performance and client experiences.
  • Facilitates high user adoption for better ROI.
  • Delivers rapid innovation with point-and-click customisation and drag-and-drop design.
  • Saves IT time and resources with greater focus on high value tasks.
  • Simplifies environment, on-premises or online.

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