Why Organon Consulting?

The philosophy of Organon Consulting is based on delivering repeatable results with Integrity. This is based on our Mission, Objectives and Corporate Culture.  

Organon Consulting stands for 'Getting things done': Quality in combination with a pragmatic approach. We are specialised in the optimising and delivering of your company information. We break our services up in three phased approach: today, tomorrow and the future.

Today = Management

Ease of use, reliability and support of the current environment is paramount to be successful today. In today’s world most people are lost if one of their business systems is not working. We help you to make sure your systems are up-and-running.
A lack of user-friendliness is the biggest detractor of the use of business system today. Therefore we only work with systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM which are leaders in this field.

Tomorrow = Projects

With our people and resources we provide you a way to improve your current processes and information. We do this through continuously reviewing your current environment and use our industry experience to recommend improvements.
Common customer requirements are used to develop standard solutions which lower the required investment for each individual customer. 

Future = Strategy

Your business systems should fit in with the future requirements of your business strategy and need to be able to scale up (and down) in line with the ever evolving business environment. We help our clients with determining their business information requirements within and outside their organisation. Based on this our consultants will propose solutions that are viable and feasible for the long run to make sure you will get the most value out of your investment.


We support our clients in their pursuit of 'excellence' through the deployment of technically advanced, functional, comprehensive and flexible solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related solutions.


The end result counts, but as important is the road to get there. Feedback from customers shows time and again that they value the commitment and creativity of the professionals who work with them. We are proud of that. 

As such we cherish the culture and values that enhance that commitment.

  • Customer-centric
    With a continuous focus on the needs of the customer; we work to establish long-term customer relationships by dealing with customer requirements in a flexible and vigilant approach.
  • Result-Oriented
    Credibility through delivering on each separate commitment, a strong focus on on-time and on-budget delivery.
  • People-Oriented
  • We value each person's opinion; difference in insight is respected. Focused creativity is encouraged, as well as sense of teamwork.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • This creates a recipe for mutual business success. It also means a focused effort for continuous improvement and innovation. We are not happy with average results. It needs to be GREAT!
  • Healthy profitability
  • This guarantees the continuity of the company and its ability to develop innovative strength. Continuity in strategy, growth and profit is a guarantee to secure the confidence
  • of customers in Organon Consulting.

Corporate Culture
Organon Consulting works consciously on its corporate culture. We employ a number of statements that reflects our culture:

  • Integrity: Agreement is Agreement
    It seems so obvious, but often turns out not to be so obvious. Organon Consulting prides itself for having a reputation for integrity. That is one of the reasons why we have been able to create long-term business relationship with our clients.
Place yourself in the customers shoes
One of our strongest points is that we at any time during an engagement are able to place ourselves in our client shoes. We want to know what your motives are. That includes questions as: 
  • Why do you want this? 
  • Could it be done differently and better? 
  • Is it really necessary? 

If there is anything we are well aware of it is that; we are there for the customer and not the other way around!

Collaborate and share the spoils

  • As your supplier we want to be your partner, to ensure that you achieve your business objectives. This approach is for you as well as for us profitable. Together we are responsible for the achievement of the objectives. Nobody excepted, everyone’s contribution is required.


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